Program Overview

The Just One… program is a 11-hour diversity and inclusion program designed for Tasmanian schools. The program is locally designed and harnesses the power of storytelling by Tasmanians who have faced exclusion and discrimination. Weaving the content of this authentic lived experience throughout the lessons, providing students with hands on experiences, practical activities and skills to build inclusion.

The program takes the students on a 4-step journey that builds human connections, valuable skills, and motivation to address exclusionary and bullying behaviour. During this journey, students build their diversity competence and become empowered agents of change.

The Just One… Journey

Just One… extends its impact beyond the student body, empowering teachers, and the broader school community to build skills in diversity and inclusion through training. This comprehensive program instils skills and confidence in educators, enabling them to effectively navigate the complexities of diversity and foster a more inclusive learning environment. Inspiring a generation of inclusive changemakers– Just One… change at a time.

Program intent

Just One… A Ripple Effect of Positive Change

Just One’s… transformative power lies in its ability to initiate a ripple effect of positive change. By empowering just one student to modify their behaviour or just one school to adopt inclusive practice, the program sets in motion a chain reaction of positive transformation.

The Just One… program has 5 learning outcomes:

  • Understanding Diversity: Students will be able to understand diversity and the importance of being different.
  • Developing Empathy: Students will explore empathy.
  • Exploring Discrimination: Students will explore discrimination and its impact.
  • Practise Inclusion: Students will be able to develop and practise practical inclusive behaviours.
  • Practise Advocacy: Students will understand and practise that actions that can make a difference.